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Poppleston Allen Training Reviews

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Patricia Y, 17 Jun 2019


Ben C, 21 May 2019


There seemed to be a lot of brakes during the course and start was delayed by 45minutes due to the registration and ID checking process. the course seemed to be taught specifically to answer the questions and a lot of self study and question mock papers were undertaken. To be fair, with reading the course handbook you could have probably just sat the exam and not bothered with the course itself.

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Yasmin C, 14 Nov 2018


I felt the trainer could have been a bit more engaging, it was very monotoned and boring. Perhaps group exercises? I barely consumed anything. I was right at the back and couldn’t hear much either :/

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Sau H, 06 Dec 2017

Rob H, 21 May 2016


The course is to compact for a one day session and requires two days. A complete novice with little or no experience could struggle on this limited input.

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