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WordPress 101 Yellow Belt Reviews

Mary W, 29 Sep 2022

Doing this course online with someone in Delhi was not ideal. The audio quality was poor, the video and audio did not sync a lot of the time and the tutor's heavy accent made it difficult to guess what he may have been saying on top of all the audio issues. I am more than happy to have an instructor with an accent (of course!) but this just made it extra difficult when he sound was patchy, and the course content was very technical so it was imperative that I heard every word. The instructor was obviously very knowledgable and very pleasant/polite and patient with me, but I felt the way the material was presented could have been better - I would have like to have known before the class started what was going to be covered each day - there was no programme shared with me before or during. I am still waiting on the course notes that were promised to me as well. We also had a lot of technical difficulties with downloading certain pieces of software, and spent much time trying to get around these difficulties. I understand that the pandemic has meant that lots of courses are now online, but I found this course quite difficult to follow due to the audio difficulties. Sometimes it was fine, but too often I couldn't hear what was being said and that was very frustrating.

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Hannah F, 24 Oct 2018