How Coursecheck works

When looking at how Coursecheck works, there are three perspectives to understand: The Public, the Learner and the Training Provider.

From the Public’s perspective, how might potential customers find your courses on Coursecheck and read the reviews about them? From the Learner perspective, what’s it like to provide feedback? And as a training provider, what’s involved in managing Coursecheck on a day-to-day basis? How do you collect the feedback; and what sort of reports and analysis are available?

This section looks at each of these areas in more detail. You can also watch the video to see Coursecheck in action.

The Public perspective
Unless they have a particular training provider in mind, most people looking for a training course, tend to start with Google. Google likes reviews, especially if they’re recent. So if your courses are getting regular feedback on Coursecheck, then they will do well in searches. And because they’re reviews, Google displays Google stars in the search results. Not only does this make the entry stand out, but according to Google, people who click on search results with stars are three times more likely to go on to purchase.

You’ll also want to integrate your ratings and reviews on to your own website. This is done using the Coursecheck widget, which displays in real-time, how many reviews you have, and what your average rating is. It’s easy to implement and updates in real-time as new reviews are added.

The Learner perspective
Unlike some other reviews websites, it’s not possible to go to and post a review. The only way a Learner can submit feedback on Coursecheck is by invitation from you, the course provider. This involves providing the Learner with a link to Coursecheck that’s specific to the event that they attended.

As the training provider, you can choose what questions you want to ask and Coursecheck is integrated with social media so it’s easy for Learners to share their feedback on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Training Provider perspective
As a training provider, you have access to a secure area where you can set up your course portfolio, configure your feedback form and use the interactive reporting capabilities to understand your performance.

You can also respond to Learner comments by adding comments of your own. Your responses are displayed alongside those of your Learners, which is great way to show people that you're listening.