Instructor Skills for the Food Industry


As an in-house trainer you will have to speak in front of staff and colleagues or make presentations to large audiences. To the inexperienced presenter/trainer the first reaction is one of fear and panic however with the correct training, preparation and practice it is possible to become sufficiently skilled to actively enjoy the experience. Effective presentation demands attention to both preparation and delivery.

Knowledge of the correct delivery method to choose is essential so that trainees maximize the learning experience. As a trainer you must be familiar with the four steps of the Systematic Training Cycle. Step one focuses on the Training Needs of the learner (Training Needs Analysis). This task is often overlooked as trainers may believe that the existing training course will automatically meet the need. Once the exact need has been established the lesson plan for the training course can be developed. The lesson plan will give the trainer the structure and discipline to deliver good training on a consistent basis.

What you will learn

Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Be competent to carry out a training needs analysis to identify the training needs of relevant staff
  • Be able to develop training plans / lessons for F.B.O. staff
  • Know how to prepare and design a training programme to meet the training needs identified
  • Know the appropriate visual aids to be used to impart the required knowledge
  • Understand how people learn, Active Vs Passive Learning
  • Know how to create the correct learning environment to make learning more effective and help your learner remember more
  • Establish competency evaluation methods to assess the return on investment in training
  • Acquire the presentation skills necessary to become confident and competent in delivering training programmes

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