Conflict Management


Effectively managing and dealing with conflict is an essential skill for any manager or team.

Any organisation / team/ group is likely to comprise of a mix of personalities, skills, experiences, backgrounds, education, culture, values, etc.

In a healthy work environment everybody is encouraged to have an opinion and to contribute positively - so the team / organisation meets it's goals.

This highly practical 1-day course is suitable for anyone who needs to learn effective skills and techniques for conflict management and resolution.

You will gain an understanding of how and why conflict happens and you will learn specific skills to handle or manage conflict in a productive way.

You will learn about conflict resolution styles and effective techniques for intervention.

You will learn a structured approach to prepare for and manage conflict situations and understand the essential part played by good communication.

What you will learn

Topics covered include:

  • Types of Conflict
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Thomas-Kilmann Model
  • Cycle of Conflict
  • Communication barriers, successful outcome toolkit
  • Managing emotions
  • Resolution
  • Negotiations
  • Damaging conflict in the workplace
  • De-escalation

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