Projects Stakeholder Engagement & Management


This webinar runs 11am to 12.00 noon GMT.

All projects have a number of key stakeholders including customers and a sponsor.

The sponsor authored the Business Case (cost/benefit) for the project and is responsible for the project from a business perspective. The customers are the people that are the direct beneficiaries of the benefits from the project.

It is important that the sponsor and the customers be engaged in the project. In many cases this is not a problem. But it seems that many times they are not involved to the level they need to be.

Sometimes the lack of engagement is a sign of a lack of interest. Other times they just have too much to do in their own operational role.

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the parts of a project where sponsor and customer interaction is key.

We will also look at ways to heighten their engagement in the project when necessary.

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