Siemens Profinet S7


Suitable applicants would have previous knowledge of Siemens S7/TIA Portal.

This training offers a complete set of knowledge that focuses entirely on practice to fill in the missing links of modern Ethernet networks using simple methods. Learn how to analyze and solve a complex PROFINET breakdown using the necessary tools.

The goal is to professionalize technicians in dealing with Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET. Fault finding is a considerable challenge that can result in unacceptable downtime meaning loss of money therefore we also teach fault finding and maintenance in the PROFINET course.

What you will learn

Understand -

How to configure and start up stations and devices using Profinet protocols.

How to connect multiple devices via the Profinet network cabling.

How to configure memory areas.

How to reconfigure existing networks to work with either protocol and pass data to different devices.

How the network deals with conflicts and other errors.

How to quickly locate a wide range of conflicts and errors.

How to use the Profinet tools to capture and interpret telegrams.

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