Project Management - The Basics for New Project Managers


So - you want to be a Project Manager? Good decision.
Managing a Project (even a small one) so that everything stays on track & is delivered on time and within budget can be challenging.
Even for people with experience.

This practical 1 day workshop will get you started. It is designed to convey the essentials of good project management practice and to provide confidence to those starting out in a new project management role.
There are no prerequisites. This course is suitable for anybody who is new to Project Management.

On this course, you will learn about key Project Management principles & techniques.You will leave at the end of the day feeling you have a better understanding of what is required of a good Project Manager. And how to go about managing your project with more confidence.

This course focuses on real-world tools and practical techniques (rather than on specific certifications and methodologies - we have courses for these too if you would like to progress down the formal Certification route afterwards).


What you will learn

By the end of this 1 day course you will have learned:

Key words in the language of projects
PM philosophies & principles (Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid)
The Triple Constraint “Law” (Time, Cost, Scope)
Stages in the Project Lifecyle & practical tips for typical situations
Roles & Responsibilities in a Project Team
Techniques for Stakeholder Engagement, Communications, Negotiation
Ways to handle the human side of project management
The necessity for agreeing the Scope and defining the Project
How to create a Project Plan
How to manage Risks, Change, Quality and Issues
How to address Execution, Reporting and Managing Your Resources
How to perform Benefits Realisation
What’s involved in Project Closure & Lessons Learned
as well as really useful advise for any new project manager from a practicing & highly experienced Project Manager

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