LSS Introduction - White Belt course


This excellent course provides an introduction to the philosophy and core tools of Lean & Six Sigma. It is suitable for anyone who is considering, or who has recently commenced a Lean or Six Sigma business improvement initiative.

It can be viewed as a primer to a Lean Sigma transformation and for Senior Leadership, as an overview as to the philosophy and tools.

On this one-day Lean Six Sigma White Belt course, participants will learn about Six Sigma, Lean principles and the practical application of the core methods and tools used 80% of the time. Delegates may choose to go on to complete the Yellow, Green or Black Belt courses afterwards.

What you will learn

Introduction to Lean Sigma Philosophy and the Business Case for Change
Operational Waste and Exercise

Core Lean Tools and Practical Exercises (part I)

Kano Model •
Diagnostic / Ideal and Future State Mapping: Value Stream, Process, Customer Experience and Service Blueprint
Core Lean Tools and Practical Exercises (part II)

5S & Simulation Game
Visual Management
Error Proofing
Standard Work
Kaizen Events
Seven Basic Six Sigma Quality Tools
14 Dimensions of Quality


At the end of the training course participants will have :

An overall understanding of the core concepts, tools, and principles of Lean.

An overall understanding of the Six Sigma philosophy, the DMAIC methodology and the tools and techniques used in Six Sigma.

An understanding of the similarities, differences, and practical applications of both Six Sigma and Lean approaches in multiple industry domains ranging from administrative services, financial, hospital, government, and manufacturing sectors.

Some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing, and evaluating Lean Six Sigma projects.

A fundamental understanding of how these management philosophies can be applied to deliver an effective continuous improvement program to increase customer value and reduce waste and variation in ANY business

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