Measuring ROI & Delivering Effective Training


Workshop objective

This workshop provides everything you need to know about organising and measuring any training initiative. We will explore common mistakes, share experiences of training that has been successful, and learn tools to ensure future training is effective.
The group will learn how to use the Kirt Patrick Model for effectively evaluating training. We will provide tools, ideas and example structures for assessing the return on investment of your training.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for those participating to meet leaders from other organisations and industries, sharing ideas during breakout sessions and learning from their experiences.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop, you will have:
Identified the a number of actions required for running effective training
Been given a ‘check list’ you can use when organising training
Learned how to use the Kirt Patrick Model to evaluate their training initiatives
Understood how to set up a system for measuring ROI
Discussed the importance of engaging senior leaders and other key stakeholders
Recognised the strengths and weaknesses of their company's’ approach to training
Shared experiences within the group and gained new ideas applicable to future training

Further information

The Learning and Development Company
The Learning and Development Company
1.5 Hours
Scheduled dates
Course type:
Virtual delivery

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