Post Incident Stress Debrief


The aims of this programme are to facilitate an appreciation of the complex range of symptoms that a person can experience when stressed whilst also examining the reasons why people experience and deal with stress differently.  It will then enable the learners to recognise and manage their own stress through a range of validated techniques that build both resilience and improve coping. The programme will also support the development of a range of knowledge skills that will allow learners to offer aid in critical incidents and then to facilitate the debriefing of those that may be stressed from involvement with traumatic events. 

What you will learn


This programme includes content on: understanding stress and an individual’s response to stressful situations, coping with stress, stress at work, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress debriefing, communication skills, therapeutic group work skills, the role of the cognitive triad and negative thinking, psychological first aid and effective reporting.


By the end of the programme learners will be abkle to:

Define stress

Explain the difference between distress and stress

List the symptoms that may result from stress

Assess own vulnerability to stress

Describe positive coping methods for dealing with stress

Describe the relaxation techniques of controlled breathing, progressive muscle
relaxation and guided imagery

Describe that factors that can produce stress at work

Assess own work-related stress

Assess own emotional intelligence

Explain the three basic action principles of Psychological First Aid

Discuss what is meant by crisis

Explain the key aspects of effective communication

Describe the art of active listening

Discuss the use of open and closed questions

Explore the concept of therapeutic group work

Describe the dynamics of running therapeutic groups

Explain the key skills of group facilitation

Describe the 7 phases of Mitchell's Critical Incident Stress Debrief

Explain Beck’s cognitive triad and negative thinking

Facilitate a group using the 7 phases of Critical Incident Stress Debrief

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