Interview Skills


Target Audience:

New Hiring Managers and Supervisors

All staff in a hiring position that are looking to freshen up on their interviewing skills

Online Option – 4 x 1.5-hour sessions

Programme Objective

Improve Your Interviewing and Selection Skills using Proven Competency Based Interviewing and Selection Techniques

Learning Outcomes

As a manager, part of your role will be to hire new people or to select people for promotion . The recruitment process can be a costly exercise and, to support the culture of our workplaces, it is important to the success of our teams and organisation to hire good people. Therefore, it is vital that we make good interview and selection decisions.

This valuable programme offers you insights and strategies to make sure you hire / promote the right people

What you will learn

Programme Methodology

  • Trainer presentation
  • Training exercises (homework)
  • Live demo
  • Video
  • Skills practice / role play
  • Group discussion

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