Accelerate your Data Journey with Excel and Power BI



Are you importing large data lists to Excel? Does that data need to be cleaned up? Do you need to summarise that data using Excel reports and dashboards?
Do you want to standardise reports and ensure all business users are looking at the same data? Do you want to automate manual data collation processes so you can spend more time unlocking insights to make informed decisions? Do you want to modernise business intelligence within your organisation? See how Power BI can help to answer these questions.
Excel or Power BI – Which one to use?
This webinar will give you a good insight into how data can be utilised for business intelligence and will help you understand the range of capabilities that exist today between Excel and Power BI.




  • Importing External Data to Excel / Creating Excel Data Lists
  • Tips for Cleaning, Manipulating and Looking Up data using Excel TEXT & LOOKUP functions
  • How to use Slicers and Timelines on Data Lists
  • Summarising the Data using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Create Dynamic Excel Dashboards

Power BI:

  • Connecting to different data sources and then linking them together
  • Data transformations using Power Query
  • Visualising data
  • Enabling collaboration through comments
  • Certified datasets
  • AI and Q&A visuals
  • Q&A

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