Inspiring Leaders Programme


This programme is delivered using a range of different methods including: Virtual Zoom session, 1:1 coaching calls, interim individual and group assignment, ILM units & assessments, and a final presentations event.

This programme has been designed to support and develop management and leadership teams at any level, providing a consistent approach to achieving results through people and providing education of the most practical methodologies avaliable today. The programme raises the bar no matter what the current level of performance, creating greater leadership capability, developing individuals and strengthening the unity of internal teams. We build upon what currently exisits concerning company values and performance management structure, tailoring the content and dialog to run parallel. In some cases we will facilitate the conception of company values.

In addition the programmel provides a structure that encourages the participants to work together. They embark on a number of self directed learning activities that increase understanding and use of the tools in each module. The process creates opportunities for recognising and measuring ROI in the business, nurturing a team of strong leaders that operate at the highest levels of integrity.

What you will learn

Module 1: Understanding you the Manager & Performance Management
Module 2: Influencing & Conflict Styles
Module 3: Stress Resilience & Motivation
Module 4: Situational Leadership II
Module 5: Building Effective Teams
Module 6: Time Management
Module 7: Presentation & Communication Skills

Final Presentations

Further information

The Learning and Development Company
The Learning and Development Company
6 Months
On demand
Course type:
Virtual delivery

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