Obsessive, compulsive disorders


This Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) awareness course is designed for support staff who work with individuals with OCD. Attendees will have a better understanding of what OCD is and how it is caused. Attendees will also gain additional knowledge into the neurological side of OCD and how it is best approached and managed.

What you will learn


By the end of the session, earners will have increased knowledge of:

• OCD presentations and co-morbidity
• Assessment and standard outcome measures including OCI
• Introduction to Salkovskis’ and Wells’ models of OCD
• Extinction response prevention treatment programmes
• The role of cognitive factors in OCD
o Common cognitive biases in OCD
o Thought-Action fusion and Thought-Object fusion
o Inflated sense of responsibility and power
o Internal safety-seeking and compulsive behaviours
• Normalising intrusive thoughts
• The use of behavioural experiments with OCD

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Supportive Solutions
2 Hours
£250 (ex VAT)
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Virtual delivery

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