Design Thinking


Too often, when clients or colleagues tell us about a challenge, we jump to a conclusion on how to solve their challenge without taking into consideration all of their needs or really understanding the issues that would resolve their challenge. The solution is our interpretation, not theirs!

Design thinking is a people-centred, iterative methodology used by architects, engineers and designers (hence the name) to understand people’s needs and come up with effective solutions to meet those needs. It helps businesses to identify, understand and address the problems that really challenge their customers. Design thinking is being successfully used by brand leaders like Google and Apple and is now taught at leading universities like Harvard and MIT. It values creativity and innovation and puts the client/customer at the centre when considering solutions.

This is a fun and highly interactive one-day workshop. You will “learn by doing” with a series of practical exercises that build on one another to create a complete design thinking project. You will look at lots of examples, case studies, videos, and other useful material that will help you learn and practice the design thinking approach. The Design Thinking methodology will help you and your team to develop practical and innovative solutions for problems in the future.

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