Microsoft Excel (Introduction)


MS Excel the popular spreadsheet from Microsoft. This 1 day course is designed to increase knowledge of the features and functions within Excel and realize the advantages of using a powerful electronic spreadsheet. The course is entirely hands on, so those attending will get practice in creating and modifying actual spreadsheets, enhancing them with charts.


Learn by doing – in additional to the formal presentations from Trigraph, attendees will benefit by using the MS Excel software itself on their own dedicated PC / Laptop. They will build their own Worksheets.

All of our trainers are highly skilled project management professionals with formal Microsoft Excel certification.

The training materials are fully owned by Trigraph which means we have full flexibility to tailor the content to suit particular client requirements.

It is assumed that you can bring your own laptop to the course with MS Excel installed.

Users with a basic understanding of MS Excel who want to consolidate and expand on their knowledge of the basic features in a short space of time.

A working knowledge of using PCs, Windows, gained from the workplace or by prior attendance on a course.

What you will learn

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Work with Spreadsheets
  • Insert and Select cell data
  • Copy/ Move and Delete data
  • Manage Rows and Columns
  • Create Formulas and Functions
  • Create Formatting
  • Create Charts
  • Prepare Outputs including Page Setup & Check and Print

It is a practical hands- on course. Delegates are "learning by doing" with access to MS Excel Software for the course duration.

Working with Spreadsheets

Opening/Closing Excel
Opening Existing Workbook
Switching Between Open Spreadsheet Files
Creating a New Spreadsheet
Saving an Existing Workbook
Saving an Existing Workbook as another File Type
Enhancing Productivity

Setting Basic Options/Preferences
Using the Zoom Tool
Displaying/Hiding Ribbon
Using Available Help Functions
Inserting and Selecting Cells

Cells Contents
Making a Cell Active
Entering Text/Number/Date in a Cell
Selecting Cells, Columns, Rows, Worksheet
Using the Fill Handle
Editing Data

Replacing Cell Content
Modifying Cell Content
Copy/ Moving and Deleting

Copying/Moving within a Worksheet
Managing Worksheets

Rows and Columns

Delete, Insert, Copy, Move, Hide Rows/Columns
Modify Column Width

Delete, Insert, Copy, Move Worksheets
Copying/Moving between Worksheet
Formulas and Functions

Arithmetic Formulas
Using Cell References
Relative Cell Referencing
Absolute Cell Referencing
Functions Sum, Count, If

Numbers and Dates
Cell Contents
Alignment and Border Effects
Text Wrap

Create a Chart
Edit a Chart
Page Setup
Check and Print
Selecting/Changing a Chart Type
Moving a Chart
Resizing/Deleting a Chart
Chart Title
Data Labels
Prepare Outputs

Page Setup
Page Orientation
Page Set-up
Headers and Footers
Check and Print
Checking and Correcting Calculations and Text
Turn On/Off Gridlines, Row/Column Headings
Apply Title Pringing on every page
Previewing a Worksheet
Printing a Worksheet

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