Business Writing Skills


“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do”.

Thomas Jefferson

The ability to communicate clearly is an important skill as many of today’s business communication take place through writing. Achieving results through proposals, reports, technical texts, emails, memos, etc. depends on your ability to successfully persuade your readers and help them understand your ideas and act on them.

This one-day practical workshop focuses on all aspects of writing for business - texts, documents, reports, etc. that are used regularly in most jobs and professions. It covers the full process and development of writing, starting from understanding the audience, collecting material, planning the structure, organising, writing clearly and concisely, styling, presentation and the general strategy required to make the text more convincing and targeted.

What you will learn

  • Writing for your audience - the nine rules of writing
  • The readability index – understanding and using the Gunning Fog Index
  • Practice planning
  • Plan before you write
  • Organise before you complete writing
  • The creative way to outline—mind mapping
  • How to analyse and present information
  • Using SOPPADA template
  • Practice in formatting memos, letters, reports and emails
  • Practice in keeping sentences short, avoiding wordiness and jargon, using active voice vs. passive voice, grammar, punctuation, identifying common errors, confusing word pairs, proofreading
  • Advice on graphic presentations

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