Risk Management - Creating a Risk Management System


This TWO DAY course examines the creation of a risk assessment and management system, and draws on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000-2009 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines (previously AS/NZS 4360).

The framework for the course is a detailed examination of a methodology for examining many different types of management risk, and the workshops to illustrate these various technical topics. The single framework simplifies the technical areas (e.g. finance, environment, health & safety, information control), and assists with corporate governance requirements, including auditing and business continuity.

Corporate Governance requirements require that Directors and others are aware of the risks of their organization, and manage these accordingly. This consistent risk-based framework assists in these legal obligations.

A number of checklists and forms are included which enable those not familiar with the topic to immediately try out the techniques in their own organization.

What you will learn


  • Various generic frameworks for risk assessment and reduction
  • Workshops on the risk perception, identifying and evaluating risks for quality, environmental, health & safety, financial and information risks
  • Selection of improvement projects
  • Business continuity issues
  • The use of the system in integrating the ISO management systems
  • The relationship to the audit process
  • The relationship to Corporate Governance


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