Corporate Social Responsibility


Target audience:

  • Heads of organisations, chief officers, chairpersons, board members and directors.
  • Heads of departments, and senior managers & executives interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Managers of tomorrow who wish to develop modern business practices and find ways to act in a truly responsible way.
  • Those who see business as being increasingly central to addressing global concerns and society’s expectations of going beyond wealth creation, against a backdrop of financial crises, climate change, political shifts, and population growth.
  • Those who want their business to maximise profits whilst also being publicly accountable for its social and environmental record.
  • Those who are concerned about the role of business in modern society.

What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

  • The context within which contemporary CSR has flourished.
  • The different perspectives on and definitions of CSR.
  • The values that companies are being asked to uphold.
  • The main issues with which contemporary CSR is wrestling.
  • What is meant by the term ‘sustainable development’.
  • The evolution of sustainability.
  • The evidence provided by scientific reports into issues of climate change.
  • The challenges that sustainable development poses for ‘business as usual’.
  • New models of sustainable business.
  • The capital market implications of sustainable development.
  • The ‘social’ aspects of sustainability.
  • The role of business in social and economic development.
  • What it means for business to be an agent of development.
  • The circumstances under which business takes on a developmental role.
  • The limitations of business as a force for development.
  • Different meanings of globalisation.
  • The main areas in which globalisation has an impact.
  • The ways in which globalisation has altered trade, production, and investment.
  • How globalisation influences governance and the implications of this for CSR.
  • CSR as business response to the challenges of globalisation, identifying what it addresses and examining why some feel it is inadequate.
  • Stakeholder partnerships as a response to the aspects of globalisation.

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