Agile & Scrum Team Primer – Training & Workshops


This is normally run as a tailored in-house course. It is available via classroom or online as follows:

* A classroom based workshop that is usually delivered as - a 2-day course initially - then followed later by a 1-day Sprint Kick-off workshop - and a 1-day Sprint Retrospective workshop
* A series of online sessions to cover some / all of the above broken down in to a number of online sessions. Each online session runs typically for up to 2-hours duration
Delegates are exposed to fundamental concepts underpinning agile software development in this course. This course will be of benefit to anybody wishing to gain insights into the agile project management paradigm. It is intended to provide insights to managers on why they may wish to pursue this approach.

Project managers gain an appreciation for key cultural and team-oriented aspects of projects that are supported by agile practices.

Team members are introduced to the various management and technical practices performed by agile teams.


This course explains what motivated the creation of Scrum and presents practical support to project managers using the Scrum framework to manage challenging projects. This is achieved by introducing learners to the values and principles that emerged from the Agile Software Development (ASD) paradigm. We don’t just teach you how to apply Scrum - we help you to understand why you want to apply Scrum.

This course is an interactive mixture of lecture, discussion, activities and practice on certain project skills. It provides definitions, examples, discussion and activities designed to promote skills using interaction and discussion among participants. The course contains a comprehensive simulation of Scrum to highlight the focus of agile and the importance of teamwork. Additional activities and case studies are used to highlight concepts taught and allow participants to practice new project management skills.


Development Methods
Introduction to Agility
Agile Methods
Agile Project Management - SCRUM
Key roles of Scrum
Expanding Scrum


This course is suitable for those involved in projects, project leaders, Agile practitioners, ScrumMasters, Developers, Testers and Business Analysts.

What you will learn

1. Development Methods

Predictive project management
Predictive in Information Systems Development - waterfall
2. Introduction to Agility

Radical Approaches
Agile characteristics
3. Agile Methods

Agile Manifesto
Agile Principles
Agile Project Management
4. Agile Project Management - SCRUM

Origins of Scrum
The Scrum Framework
How Scrum delivers effective performance
5. Key roles of Scrum

Product Owner
Where is the project manager?
Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts
6. Expanding Scrum

Scaling Scrum

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