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It is a significant responsibility for an organization to implement and maintain a GRC Framework. Today’s organizations have implemented selected components of a GRC framework, but the challenge still remains: Which strategies need to be implemented to have a completely integrated GRC approach?

It has never been more important to have a GRC infrastructure in place. With so much focus on doing what is right, organizations first need to have the overriding processes surrounding GRC in place. Many organizations have first implemented a technology solution without having the right GRC processes. These organizations may not completely realize the benefit of an integrated GRC infrastructure because the processes have not first been defined. Additionally, over the years, many organizations believe they have sponsorship for implementing GRC and find that they do not have the support that is needed. The Internal Audit group has an outstanding opportunity to provide value by driving GRC in the organization.

In this three-day, interactive seminar attendees will learn from a CRO/CCO how to implement a best-in-class GRC Integrated Framework in an organization. Attendees will learn what the Audit Committee and boards are seeking from their executives about GRC. You will learn how to work with executive management to set the appropriate “tone” for ethics, compliance, investigations and fraud reporting, and the management of governance risks. Participants will learn how to successfully leverage every part of your organization to be part of the integrated Chief Risk and Compliance Office. You will also learn the steps to take to make the internal audit function a strategic part of the GRC framework. Attendees will be provided with the tools and over 100 best practices you need to implement an integrated GRC model in your organization.

All discussions in this seminar will be based on real-world situations. Throughout the program, we will cover the “hot topics” surrounding GRC. All participants will leave this seminar with specific action plans and a “snapshot” of what a best practice integrated GRC framework will look like in their organization(s).

What you will learn

What audit committees want from executives, how to work with management to set the “tone” for ethics, compliance, fraud reporting, and managing governance. How to leverage every part of the organization, and over 100 GRC best practices.


  • GRC: First, Answering the Important Questions
  • Understanding Governance Risks:
  • The GRC Model & The Chief Risk / Chief Compliance Office
  • A Strategic Look: Expectations and Challenges in Building and Implementing the GRC Framework and Model
  • The Organizational Analysis - Analyzing the “Tone at The Top” & “Tone-in-the-Middle”
  • GRC – Four Key Components and Your Roadmap to Success
  • Always Start with Risk: GRC Focus on Managing Risks
  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters: The Core Strategy
  • Ethics: Values and Behavior
  • Investigation and Reporting: Standing Your Ground
  • Key Strategy: Implementing the Chief Risk / Chief Compliance Office / Monitoring Activities
  • Pulling It All Together

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