Auditing the Enterprise Risk Management Process - OAR341


With the advent of corporate governance strategies that must embrace the entire organization, enterprise-wide risk assessment and management has taken on critical dimensions of importance. In addition, the SEC and PCAOB have concluded that the key to effective compliance is a “top-down, risk-based approach.” When properly defined and implemented, ERM provides the ideal baseline for this process.

In this intensive three-day seminar you will cover alternative methods, structures and tools that can be used for establishing an ERM. You will learn how to define which aspects need to be audited and how it should be done, gain an understanding of the key qualities that an ERM should possess, and discover why they are critical. You will explore the integration of controls and business risk and find out how an oversight tool can be created that can be owned by operations and that will yield real business returns.

The key historical aspects of what ERM is and where it has come from will be discussed. However, the COSO organization have redefined the ERM model as we know it from 2004 to make it a much more business centric focus. It has done away with the classic cube format and have introduced some very significant changes in what they view the future of what ERM is today and where it is going to go from here. You will leave this session thoroughly understanding what you should expect to see when you evaluate your ERM environment or what you need to know to build the ERM environment that your organization requires to be successful or to dominate your industry.

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