Advanced Project Management


Target audience

  • Chief operations officers
  • Project and operations directors, managers, practitioners and team members
  • Those who wish to take a holistic, integrated approach to managing projects, addressing both technical and management challenges
  • Those who wish to place an equal emphasis on both individual project execution and the strategic perspective, to be equipped with the means with which to manage projects at both the programme and portfolio levels
  • Those who wish to broaden their focus beyond the traditional project management activities of planning and scheduling, project control, and termination, to a more general, inclusive, and hence, more valuable perspective of the project management process

What you will learn

Upon completion of this project management training courses, you will be able to understand:

  • The process of project screening and selection
  • The challenges of project management from the perspective of the project leader
  • Project scope management and the key features in the overall plan
  • The behavioural challenges project managers face in terms of effective team building and conflict management
  • How to ensure as far as possible that project selection choices are appropriate, that all the risks and downside potential have been considered, and where appropriate, contingency plans have been developed
  • That project managers and teams are held to both standards of performance and standards of cost control
  • Various project-scheduling tools
  • How to allocate the resources needed to support the various project activities that have been identified
  • How to take the practical steps to establish a clear method for tracking and controlling a project
  • The elements in project closeout – the phase in which the project is concluded and resources (both monetary and human) are reassigned

Further information

London Business Training & Consulting (LBTC)
London Business Training & Consulting (LBTC)
2 Weeks
£4,075 (ex VAT)
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London Kings Cross, AVANI Hotel

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