Benefits Realisation


Programmes & Projects are undertaken to deliver benefits to the organisation. Getting to grips with good Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) practice will help align project outcomes with business strategies - and has been proven to increase the likelihood of delivering the corporate strategic objectives.

Many organisations rightly concentrate on planning, budgeting and control so as to deliver the programme / project on time and within budget. But, what happens after the project team have packed up and moved on to the next endeavour? How has the programme / project delivered? Have the benefits been realised?

This new, full day briefing concentrates on delivery of benefits through the programme or project lifecycle, from initial identification to full or partial post-project realisation.This one-day event will suit senior personnel whose role involves the management of strategic change and development.

It will be of help to those who seek to know which programmes have been successful, and why - and also to those who need to ensure that scarce resources are spent wisely.

What you will learn

On completion, delegates will be enabled to:

  • Create, maintain and adjust a Benefits Profile document
  • Review and assess main benefits with key stakeholders
  • Objectively review each project based on realisation of its benefits plan and business case
  • Identify project plans that have weak or overly optimistic business cases
  • Create, assess and track a detailed Benefits Realisation Plan
  • Ensure that new capabilities are embedded as business as usual

Content includes

  • Setting out the current situation in a Benefits profile.
  • Definition of benefits
  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Accruing and measuring the actual benefits
  • Financial and other measures
  • Performance and other indicators
  • Timing of benefits realisation
  • Communications around realisation
  • Managing transition from Program Plan to implementation

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