MS Project Essentials


This highly practical course is designed to provide delegates with the ability to use MS Project productively when managing and controlling their projects. The course begins from first principles and proceeds to a point where delegates can construct their own work plans, update the plans as the project proceeds and tailor the application to produce required views and reports.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the basics of project planning using MS Project. The course is aimed at both new and existing team leaders, project leaders and project managers and at all those who have to create and/or understand project plans and reports. The course is recommended for people new to Project Management or those who have worked on projects and would like formal foundation skills.

Delegates will build their own project by setting up resources, tasks, dependencies, schedules, milestones etc and generating reports such as Critical Paths.

What you will learn

On completion of this course, delegates will have learned about:

The various menus and views of the MS Project environment.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Linking tasks to create a schedule
Allocating resource to tasks
Identifying when resources are overallocated and consider options to eliminate the overallocations
Printing project plans in different formats
Creating reports and update project progress details
Viewing and updating multiple projects
Content Includes:

MS Project Introduction

Defining, editing and organising tasks
Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
Breaking a task into more detail
Grouping tasks
Viewing levels of detail

Creating a Project Schedule

Estimating effort and duration
Creating and changing task dependencies
Understanding and using the Project Calendar
Creating and using Milestones
Understanding the Critical Path
Applying a calendar to a task

Adding and Assigning Resources

Defining resources and resource calendars
Assigning resources to tasks
Adding Material resources to a project
Working with project costs

Saving the Project

Read and Write protection options
Saving the baseline
Clearing a baseline

Printing Project Data

Formatting views and reports
Sorting and filtering data for reports
Creating your own filters
Creating your own reports

Tracking Progress

The Tracking Table and Gantt Chart
Other useful Tables and Views
Setting the status date
Automatically updating task status
Manually updating task status
Using Progress Lines

Adjusting the schedule

Amending work and duration
Setting task constraints
Using fixed duration tasks
Using multiple resources
Identifying over-allocated resources
Levelling resources
Understanding effort-driven tasks
Working with task calendars

Working with Data in other Applications

Importing and viewing data
Working with the imported data
Exporting data

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