Finance for Non-Finance People


Plan your profits, take control and protect your cash flow.

Financial results define the success, growth and decline of all businesses. Having an operational knowledge of business finance, cash flow, revenue and profit is therefore a must for anyone in a decision making position.

However, for some, reading company accounts and understanding financial data is an anathema. But it needn’t be.

TACK’s Finance for Non Finance People course provides the know-how to understand financial information, breaking down jargon so that you can identify trends, draw out answers to questions from the data and ensure the right decisions are made.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how to read and understand a set of company accounts, the strengths and weaknesses
  • Predict the likely effects of your decisions on the bottom line
  • Use computer simulation to understand the impact your management decisions to make profit, return on investment and cash flow

Target Audience:

Business professionals whose effectiveness would benefit from understanding business finance. Managers whose decisions have financial implications and anyone else who wants to better understand how businesses operate.

What you will learn

This course makes finance interesting, relating apparently complicated sets of numbers to real life business situations. You will leave this course with the confidence and ability to:

  • Read company accounts and understand business performance from its figures
  • Assess the cash flow implications of management decisions
  • Identify what the figures really represent and understand the key financial ratios
  • Assess the impact of pricing by using the TACK Price/Volume card to see how pricing can dramatically affect your profitability
  • Acquire the necessary financial information to make decisions
  • Prepare meaningful budgets and forecast profitability
  • Understand the different tools and approaches available for long-term decision making
  • Use computer simulation to turnaround a failing business

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Tack UK Training
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