Influencing and Communication


Increase your impact and personal effectiveness.

We all, at some time in our lives need the ability to influence someone else when we communicate with them. Often it isn’t about what we say, it’s how we position what we say and the way we communicate our point of view.

Whether working in a cross functional team, a matrix structured organisation or even the need to manage up – excellent relationship skills, strong communication and the ability to influence others to achieve a business strategy, goal or plan are a must.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn to engage and communicate persuasively with different personality styles
  • Develop strategies to positively influence key stakeholders
  • Use the principles of DiSC® to communicate with, and influence the behaviours of others
  • Adapt language to relay a message more effectively

Target Audience:

Anyone who, to successfully fulfil their role, needs to influence individuals and key stakeholders they do not have direct line responsibility for.

What you will learn

Our Influencing and Communication course provides participants with the tools, skills and confidence needed to communicate effectively and persuasively to influence the thinking and actions of their key stakeholders.

You will leave this course able to:

  • Use the principles of DiSC® behaviours to communicate with, and influence the attitudes and behaviours of others
  • Develop clearly defined outcomes and strategies for key interactions and communications with others
  • Recognise and apply different language patterns based upon the principles of DiSC®
  • Adapt the format and structure of a message to ensure it is relevant and persuasive
  • Adapt your approach according to the communication preferences of different generations
  • Foster greater understanding and accelerate the development of relationships and rapport
  • Present and communicate key messages with personal impact
  • Influence the thinking and actions of others

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Tack UK Training
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