Designing Infographics


Creating and presenting visually attractive data is an art form. Infographics, also known as information graphics, are visual representations of data, knowledge or information using clever composition and visual flow in a clear, understandable, visually stimulating way. This course will teach you to assess data, define your message and then plan and execute well designed infographics that are clear and easy to understand. You can bring examples of your data to the course so we can focus on your particular needs.

What you will learn

Introduction to the importance of Infographics
An overview of the history of Infographics, what they are and how they should be used
Examples of good and bad Infographics
A look at the many types of elements to include in an Infographic and when to use them (charts, timelines, graphs, bubble graphs, pictographs etc.)
Do I need an infographic?
Analyzing your data
Finding and telling the story
The 5W’s and how they work in an infographic
The design process
Setting up your wireframe
Using psychology in your design
Creating icons or sourcing ready made graphics
Design tips and tricks using Adobe Illustrator

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Academy Class
1 Day
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Virtual delivery

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12-13 Clerkenwell Green