Managing unacceptable employee behaviour


The aim of this course is to enable delegates to protect themselves and their organisation from grievance and legal disputes which could damage the reputation, operations and possibly profitability of their business.

What you will learn

By the end of this course each delegate will be able to;
* Describe the seven types of difficult employees
* Identify different styles of leadership and understand when to apply them
* Identify the root causes of performance shortfall
* Explain how to measure poor performance objectively
* Establish a system for dealing with poor performance, misconduct and gross misconduct
* Describe when to take corrective or punitive action
* Describe the proper procedures for dealing with employees who are off sick
* Demonstrate how to change behaviour using a counselling style of communication
* Prepare for and conduct a performance review meeting
* Demonstrate the coaching cycle
* Describe what actions amount to gross misconduct
* Draft a proper disciplinary procedure for their business
* Describe the fair grounds for dismissal
* Explain the legal obligations when terminating employment
* Create warning letters and letters of dismissal
* Describe the motivational and legal risks associated with failure to discipline properly

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