Introduction to Banking


Target audience

  • Financial regulators
  • Banking staff
  • Those who wish to gain a comprehensive insight into the business of banking, the impact of the financial crisis upon the banking sector globally and the far-reaching regulatory reforms

What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand:

  • The reasons why banks exist, the main services they offer, recent trends impacting on business areas, types of banking firms and the differences between domestic and international banking business.
  • The pivotal role played by monetary policy and supervisory regulation and their impact on the banking sector (and economy as a whole).
  • The rationale for central banking, the main tools and instruments of monetary policy and how various major central banks undertake their operations.
  • The reasons why banks are so heavily regulated and why adequate solvency and liquidity are critical to maintain a safe and sound banking system.
  • The important role played by capital in the banking sector as well as the relevance of the Basel Capital Accords.
  • The determinants of bank failure as well as the toolkits at regulators’ disposal to supervise bank risk taking.
  • The causes of banking and financial crises as well as effective crisis-management mechanisms.
  • The main components of banks’ balance sheet and income statements, off-balance sheet activity and how to analyse bank performance and other issues using traditional ratio analysis.
  • How banks manage their on- and off-balance sheet positions and the main risks faced in banking operations.
    The main risk-management approaches undertaken in banking.
  • The institutional features of the banking/financial systems of the UK, the US, Europe, Japan and various emerging markets and transition economies.
  • How the institutional features of the different banking systems are changing and the trends that are common to all systems.
  • How to analyse and discuss the structural and performance features of these (and other) banking systems.
  • Some of the current issues in banking.

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