AC and DC Power Systems for Telecoms Engineers - Nokia Version


Field engineers in the telecoms industry may be expected to work on single and 3 phase AC fed DC power supply systems incorporating rectifiers, batteries and isolation/change over switches.

Through presentation, tuition and practical exercises this training course will provide the relevant knowledge to enable telecoms engineers to work safely using appropriate methods, procedures and equipment to inspect, test and maintain these systems.

This 1 day course will include theory and practical exercises on inspection and testing methods to ensure the systems remain safe for use. Training exercises are conducted using the latest DC Telecoms equipment and systems.

This course seeks to raise awareness of the statutory and non-statutory requirements for safe working on electrical systems and to demonstrate correct methods, tools and procedures to enable operatives to work safely on live electrical systems.

The course is delivered over a full day. The training will be delivered at our training centre in Tring, Herts where it is able to provide the relevant training facilities, equipment and materials.

What you will learn

Delegates will be able to recognise the key elements of a typical AC/DC telecoms power system and demonstrate the relevant procedures for safe inspection and testing of those systems.

Delegates will be able to understand and identify the risks associated with live-working on AC and DC systems and understand the correct procedures for managing those risks.

The course is modular and includes the following:

  • Electrical Circuit Principles.
  • Current Flow.
  • Voltage Sources.
  • Resistance.
  • Ohm’s Law and Electrical Circuits.
  • Electrical Power.
  • Alternating Current
  • Review of the Dangers of Electricity
  • The effects of electricity (AC & DC) on the human body
  • Methods of protection
  • Safe working practices
  • Basic Requirements for Telecommunications Power Systems.
  • Direct Current Power System Elements.
  • Power Sources and Loads.
  • General Design Considerations.
  • Standards, Practices, and Codes.
  • DC Power System Components.
  • Nominal System and Operating Voltages.
  • Rectifier Systems.
  • Monitoring and Control.
  • Batteries for Telecoms systems
  • Batteries and Cells.
  • Battery Voltages
  • Temperature Performance.
  • Battery Life
  • Cell Impedance and Conductance.
  • Short-Circuit Currents.
  • Cell Gassing and Ventilation
  • AC Power Systems Components
  • Nominal Voltages
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Over Current Protection
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Installation Safety Guidelines.
  • Circuit Wiring.
  • Terminations
  • Inspection and testing
  • System Maintenance.
  • Overall Maintenance Requirements.
  • Annual System Maintenance Check.
  • Battery System Maintenance
  • Evaluation and summary 

The course will be concluded with practical exercises and a multiple choice test covering the material taught on the course. This is followed by a short discussion of the test to ensure clarification of any areas of uncertainty. Delegates will then be issued with a certificate of attendance

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