Finding Creative Solutions to Problems


Most problems at work are complicated. 'One right answer' problems are rare and the most common are 'wicked problems' and 'vicious problems' where cause and effect can harmoniously damage productivity, relationships and the business as a whole. Useful approaches to problem solving include understanding how to work with other people as well as the ability to see the 'problem' in as broad a capacity as possible. This 2 day programme focuses on the fundamental distinction between those problems which happen to us -'presented problems' and those problems that we create 'constructed problems' . Both demand different approaches and in this intensive and demanding two-day programme, we investigate them using highly interactive, structured (and very enjoyable!) practical exercises and role-play scenarios.

What you will learn

  • Defining what constitutes 'A Problem'
  • A framework for problem prevention and solution 'A Troubleshooting Guide'- The pro-active approach 'Preventing Charging Rhino'
  • The two stages of thinking 'Constructed and Ill-Constructed' problems
  • The Team approach to problem solving identifying stakeholders
  • Methods to stimulate good, active thinking within the team
  • Decision analysis
  • Solving the presented problem defining the problem and analysing cause & effect
  • Designing and evaluating solutions
  • Solving constructed problems: Good orientation and idea generation
  • Determining the best way forward

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Cosensa Learning and Development
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