Diploma In Clinical and Pastoral Counselling


If you are presently in nursing, social work or one of the other caring professions and want to develop your career by gaining an additional qualification or upgrading an existing one, this course will be of major interest.

You might, for instance, be a non-graduate first level nurse seeking to upgrade to degree level by studying for additional credits, which can include modules from the Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling.

What you will learn

The Diploma course is made up of 4 modules starting off initially by ensuring that basic counselling skills and knowledge are covered in depth with particular emphasis on the Person Centred approach put forward in Egan’s “The Skilled Helper.” The following 3 modules extend the knowledge of the student in the specific areas of Grief and Bereavement, Couples and Families and Crisis and Trauma with the Person Approach illustrated in all three areas.

Module 1: Foundation Counselling (Course GCU 1)

evaluation of Egan’s model to various client groups
exploration of different models of clinical and pastoral counselling
demonstration of core qualities to clients
demonstration of counselling skills for client focused activities
assessment of the potential of workplace setting for client support

Module 2: Grief and Bereavement Counselling (Course GCU 2)

comparison of the main theories of bereavement counselling
demonstration of skills when helping bereaved clients
identification of bereavement problems and issues
demonstration of counselling skills and pastoral care
evaluation of the potential of the workplace setting to help bereaved clients

Module 3: Couple and Family Counselling (Course GCU 3)

the main theories of couple and family counselling
identification of relationship issues associated with the family unit
demonstration of the skills to support a couple or family facing problems
knowledge of professional and ethical practice when dealing with couples' and families' awareness of internet use to source current legislation on client rights

Module 4: Crisis and Trauma Counselling (Course GCU 4)

theories and models of crisis and trauma counselling
identification of crisis problems and experiences
formation of empathic relationships with clients in crisis and trauma
helping clients with issues, e.g. divorce, depression, critical incidents

Candidates who successfully complete the four modules are entitled to use
the designation ‘Dip CPC’.

Further information

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