Certificate in Stress Management


This useful and informative course presents many practical insights into Stress; what causes it, how it can be overcome and how to avoid it.

Stress is examined from psychological, social and occupational perspectives. Effective strategies and exercises are presented which can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs.

This makes the course particularly suitable for counsellors or trainees who are encountering the effects of client stress in counselling sessions.

What you will learn

The course will:

1. Define Stress, its causes and effects
2. Explain methods of identifying stressors
3. Identify ways of managing and reducing pressure and stress- avoiding burnout
4. Demonstrate how Stress Management can enhance counselling practice
5. Give an insight into modern approaches to Stress Management

Course Contents

Introduction to Stress
Decisional Stress and Burnout
Recognising Stress
Stress and Personality
Life Stages and Personal Stressors
Family Stressors
Conflict and Conflict Management
Stress and the Workplace
Counselling and Relaxation
Time Management

Students are required to successfully complete 5 Tutor marked assignments.

Further information

Institute of Counselling
Institute of Counselling
6 Months
Course type:
Distance learning

Contact Information

Institute of Counselling

40 St Enoch Square
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