Certificate in Counselling


This is the Institute’s most popular course, having been successfully completed by people from various backgrounds and levels of ability. The syllabus will be particularly attractive if you are a person who wishes to help others and would like to acquire the skills and expertise to be more effective in that role. The course will provide you with a preliminary understanding of the skills and practice of counselling, as well as an appreciation of the personal qualities associated with the collaborative process of helping.

What you will learn

Course Content
This single module course provides a comprehensive overview of counselling supplemented by short practical exercises and printed case study assignments. It is designed to be completed within 6 months of part-time study, although, should you require it, this period may be extended.

Your course, Certificate in Counselling includes the following topics:

Introduction to Counselling Theory
The Psychodynamic Approach
The Behavioural Approach
The Person-Centred Approach
The Cognitive Approach
The Pastoral Approach
The Counselling Process
Basic Counselling Skills
Core Skills of "The Skilled Helper"
Professional Practice

Further information

Institute of Counselling
Institute of Counselling
6 Months
Course type:
Distance learning

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