Diploma in Addiction Counselling (SCQF credit rated)


Addiction Counselling is one of the fastest growing counselling services in the UK. This two module Diploma Course may be of specific interest to those working in Healthcare, Social Work or those of you who wish to extend your counselling knowledge in this area. A range of addictions are covered include: drugs, gambling, sex and the more modern phenomenon of the internet including social networks.

What you will learn

Module 1 will give you a solid foundation to build your addiction counselling studies on.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the premise that our interpretation of an event is crucial in determining how we feel and react. Where beliefs and thought patterns are negative or unrealistic, a variety of problems may occur leading to possible emotional disorders. CBT aims to alleviate emotional distress. CBT has proved to be very effective in treating clients who have addiction issues.

Module 2—Addiction Counselling:

  • The nature of addictions.
  • Drug & alcohol addiction.
  • Gambling addiction.
  • Food and spending addictions.
  • Sexual addiction.
  • Internet Addiction.
  • Using CBT to treat addictions.
  • CBT in action - case studies.
  • Addiction counselling.
  • Addiction referral networks and resources.

The diploma course includes current research, lists of textbooks and websites. Dynamic graphics and photos fully illustrate the advanced skills used in addiction counselling.

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Institute of Counselling
Institute of Counselling
12 Months
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Distance learning

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