Effective Listening and Questioning Skills


Becoming skilled in verbal business communication is about more than understanding a variety of different questioning techniques. Too often issues arise purely as a result of poor or ill-thought out verbal communication or an inability to properly understand what the other party has tried to say. This practical course will demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to communicate better with enquirers and manage the conversation and follow up activities effectively.

What you will learn

Identifying what the enquirer really wants to know
Why remote enquiry handling differs from face-to-face situations
Kipling’s ‘Six honest serving men’
Questioning strategies
Questioning techniques
Seven forms of questioning
Questioning techniques that demonstrate engagement and active listening
Questioning styles for handling difficult conversations
Directive questioning – how to help when you can’t
Controlling the telephone conversation
Managing your time and your enquirer’s expectations
Reporting back effectively
Designed and using Quality Assurance forms
Remote enquiry etiquette
Enquirer’s contact details and respecting privacy – who owns the enquiry?
Good record keeping


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