Effective Project Management


This highly practical programme delivers all the essential skills, tools and techniques required to support you in your project management role. The course concentrates on practical, easy to understand and control techniques that can be directly and immediately applied in your workplace.

The fundamental principles of successful project management are covered in depth; managing people, time and money. The programme also incorporates a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques that, when applied in the workplace, will empower the attendees with greater confidence and competence in managing and delivering projects on time and on budget.

What you will learn


Identifying when the project approach should be applied
Understanding basic Project Management terminologies; when, where, why and how to apply them
An introduction to various tools that are commonly used in Project Management (including some useful software packages)
Applying the project lifecycle and how to manage the stages
Defining the project purpose to avoid ambiguity and unrealistic expectations

Planning, organising and documenting projects by using practical, workable tools that provide real value

- Exploring the basic planning tools and techniques used in planning a project including Gantt Charts and Critical Path Analysis
- What documentation and data display methods are available to the project manager?
- How to make time and cost estimates more credible and realistic
- Simple risk management tools and techniques available to avoid surprises Identifying and managing project risks to minimise impact and disruption

Become more effective in monitoring and controlling by working in a competent and logical manner

- How to monitor, track and control activities
- What impact will changes have on the project?
- Determine corrective actions to ensure the project remains on track
- How to communicate the status of a project more effectively

Understand what lessons can be learnt from managing work using a project approach

- Measuring what actually happened against the plan
- Learning the lessons - positive and negative
- Closing the project and moving on


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