Root Cause Analysis


This process based programme is ideal training for anyone involved in a production capacity who would benefit from understanding how to trace problems in the production process. Key to this is determining what has happened, why it happened and the best means of preventing that problem happening again. This programme also helps delegates develop their confidence when challenging and approaching engineers and other ‘gatekeepers’ about the process.

What you will learn

Understand and implement the "Root Cause Analysis" methodology
Understand and practically employ the basic techniques associated with Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Identify where RCA can be used for best effect
Prioritise what is Important and Urgent
Identifying Types of Problems

The methods of determining problem identification can be:
5 Why's
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Pareto Analysis
Course Structure:

The RCA course is broken down into the natural RCA four-phase processes:
1. Phase I: Problem identification
2. Phase II: Problem description
3. Phase III: Cause analysis
4. Phase IV: Solution development

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