An Introduction to Supervisory & Management


When professionals are given new leadership responsibility, their success depends on how quickly they adapt people-management skills to complement their expert knowledge. These essential skills for new supervisors and managers do not come naturally and this course demonstrates what is required and how it can be learnt. Delegates will develop the confidence to put their newfound skills and management techniques into practice and begin the process of effective, professional supervisory control.

What you will learn

  • State the principles and main roles of management
  • Recognise the effectiveness of different motivational tactics
  • Discuss effective staff incentive programmes
  • Plan a systematic approach to staff development
  • McGregor's Theory X & Y
  • Transactional Analysis - PAC Theory
  • Practice the skills of assertiveness and active listening
  • Identify and use the different component parts of the coaching cycle
  • Consider delegation as a staff motivational tool
  • Dealing with difficult issues and difficult members of staff
  • An introduction to Assertiveness
  • Your Bill of Rights
  • Situational Leadership
  • Use a simple problem solving structure

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