Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATM) are an important part of safe and effective construction site operations. Simpleducks offer CLOCS approved SATM training to help ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys in and out of sites – a critical part of the CLOCS Standard. Simpleducks offer CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal as an 'open' course every week in Ealing West London or we can come to your premises and deliver the SATM training.

Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATMs) stationed at the site entrance are the primary and critical interface between the site, fleet operations and the public. They ensure only authorised vehicles and people enter the site, while also ensuring vehicles entering and leaving the site do so safely and efficiently.

Most sites also have Banksmen who guide vehicles within the site hoardings – these are distinct roles and cannot be done concurrently by the same person though often personnel are rotated between roles.

What you will learn


To provide candidates with an understanding of the safe systems of work that can be adopted when vehicles are accessing or egressing a site, in order to minimise the risk of incidents that masy cause injury to persons, or damage to property, vehicles, equipment and the environment.

Delegates to be able to:

  • Understand the importance of traffic management for construction projects
  • Understand what are hazards and risks and be able to identify the work-related road risk requirements of construction logistics contracts and their importance
  • Identify vehicle safety features and list the main requirements of the Fleet Recognition Scheme (FORS), the Direct Vision Standard, and compliance to the CLOCS Standard
  • Identify drivers licence information (if your contract requires)
  • Effectively communicate with other contractors and members of the public and understand what steps to take to protect them from harm
  • Take appropriate action in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, medical, or environmental event, a security breach, or terrorism incident

The maxium number of people that can be trained on this course is 12 delegates.  You must be able to speak English. This is an intensive and sought after course, starting at 9am and finishes at 5pm.

Delegates are given a workbook at the start of the day.  During the training it is the delegates responsibility to complete their workbook and take it away with them for future reference.

There is a multiple choice exam at the end of the day along with a practical assessment.  Delegates are expected to complete all the relevant CLOCS checks with a driver and his vehicle as part of the assessment, along with undertaking a number of manouvres safely.

After successfully completing the training, exam and practical assessment, delegates will be awarded the Approved CLOCS Certificate, which is valid for 3 years.  Simpleducks will upload the delegates details onto the CLOCS National Database of Approved Site Access Traffic Marshals.


Further information

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