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J J, 06 Sep 2018

I did not enjoy the course, but in saying that I recognise that the other delegates did. For me personally, it didn't suit my style of learning. I like to listen, take notes and take part in group discussions. I very much dislike breaking away into small groups and some days it felt that all we were doing was breaking out. I also struggle with all day sessions. I feel there was certainly scope to have shorter, intensive, sessions (say 9am to 1pm). Many of our sessions were disturbed by others having to dip out to take calls, using their laptops to answer emails and coming back late from breaks. If the sessions were shorter, I think it would be easier for people to concentrate, knowing that they can catch up with work later in the day. I also think that there should be a ban on those attending from having their laptops open on the table. There were many occasions when others were clearly working. Breaking out into small groups with one member of that group on their laptop, is both rude and disconcerting.
Response from course provider : We really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. We will contact you to discuss this further.

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James C, 30 Jan 2018