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Poppleston Allen Training Reviews

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Emma C, 23 Oct 2018


Kinga H, 17 Aug 2018

Charlotte J, 19 Jul 2018


Daniel M, 17 Apr 2018

Gemma R, 27 Mar 2018


The course gave me a much better understand of the subject matter and the trainer explained everything very well and was very experienced. It did feel a little rushed at the end however this was due to the fact it was snowing and people were worried about getting home.

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hugo b, 27 Mar 2018


my only thought was not having worked in the business of selling alcohol I could have been better prepared for the day. I think if you were already a barman then it would have been easy while I could have done more prep to help with the day ahead

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Monica B, 15 Mar 2018


The course was meant to finish by 4:30pm but we finish 45minutes before. I believe that we could practice a bit more on the test and not doing everything in a rush. At the end it is almost £400 foe the course. We should ise all the time to learn and pass the test More coffee was missing after lunch.

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jacopo t, 15 Mar 2018


James K, 31 Jan 2018


kerry-laine k, 10 Jan 2018


I never received the work book etc as this was sent to the wrong address, also the venue was extremely cold however after some time we were moved to a warmer room

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