Overview for course providers

Coursecheck.com is a ratings and reviews website that’s specifically for training courses. What’s different about it is that it doubles as a comprehensive customer survey tool, designed to replace paper forms or other online survey tools. Detailed feedback is only visible to you (the training provider) but overall comments and ratings are published on Coursecheck.com for anyone to see.

All sorts of training providers use Coursecheck. What they share is that they’re all proud of the training they deliver and value being able to demonstrate just how good they are.

Key benefits

  • By showcasing all your feedback on Coursecheck, you can “prove” how good your courses are. People like this complete picture, especially on an independent website.
  • Google loves reviews so your search engine rankings get a big boost.
  • Integration with social media makes it easy for people to spread the word about your courses and you can respond to customer feedback by adding comments of your own.
  • Automated management reports, delivered to your inbox, let you see the big picture without ever losing sight of the detail.