1. Definitions

“Customer Feedback” means survey response information provided by your Customers

“Customers” means the organisations and individuals for whom you provide training.

“GDPR” means the EU General Data Protection Regulations

“Loss” means any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense including reasonable legal costs and expenses

“Personal Information” means the personal information supplied by your Customers that identifies them as individuals.

“Privacy Policy” means the then current Coursecheck Privacy Policy

“Public Feedback” means those elements of the Customer Feedback that are visible on our Website.

“Responses” means comments posted by you on coursecheck.com in relation to comments made by your Customers.

“Services” means the services we provide to you.

“Trial Start Date” means the date on which your trial period starts

“Trial End Date” means the date on which your trial period ends

“Trial Period” means the period starting on the Trial Start Date and ending on or before the Trial End Date

“We”, “us”, “our” means Coursecheck Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales (No. 08324937) and having its registered office at Yew Tree House, Lewes Road, Forest Row RH18 5AA.

“Website” means the website at www.coursecheck.com and any other web sites owned by Coursecheck Ltd.

“You”, “your” means you, the Training Provider and includes anyone you represent and on whose behalf you provide information to us.  This includes any person, firm, company, unincorporated association or any other legal entity.

2. Our rights and obligations

You agree that we may use your Customer Feedback for the sole purposes of:

  1. Displaying Public Feedback in both detail and aggregated form on our Website
  2. Benchmarking and analysis of Customer Feedback, the results of which are only visible to you.

You agree that we may use Personal Information for the sole purposes of:

  1. Validating that Customer Feedback is genuine
  2. Providing you with the ability to view or extract the Personal Information

For the avoidance of doubt, we will never share Customer Feedback or Personal Information with any third parties other than as may be required by law or by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction.

3. Your rights and obligations

You may use the Customer Feedback to help you manage your business but during or after the Trial Period, you must not use it for the purposes of marketing your business.

You may extract Personal Information from our Website but must not use it in ways that would cause a breach of our Privacy Policy or of any other applicable data protection regulations.

4. Support

Support is provided by telephone and email during normal office hours (9am – 5.30pm) on Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays.  You can either call us on 020 3432 4484 or email us at support@coursecheck.com.

5. Data Protection

Coursecheck is registered on the Data Protection Public Register with registration number ZA056850. In this Clause, the expressions "Data controller, "Data processor" and "Personal Data" shall have meanings as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are both Data Controllers and Data Processors.  However, if you copy or download any Personal Data from our Website, then you agree that you will not use it in any way that would cause a breach of our Privacy Policy.

To the extent that they apply, you agree that you will comply with your responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 and all other applicable UK data protection law with respect to your Customers Personal Information.

6. Indemnity

You agree that any breach of your obligations whilst using the Services may have significant repercussions for us; and that you shall defend, hold harmless and indemnify us in respect of any Loss or claim against us caused by:

7. Termination

You may terminate your Trial at any time by informing us in writing but it will end automatically on the Trial End Date or if you choose to subscribe to Coursecheck before the end of the Trial Period.

Unless you have chosen to subscribe to Coursecheck, then upon termination of your Trial, we will disable your Coursecheck accounts and physically delete all data relating to your company from our website. This will include your course profiles, company profile and all the Customer Feedback and Personal Information provided by your Customers.

If you take out a Coursecheck subscription at the end of your Trial Period, then these Terms and Conditions will be superceded by the standard Coursecheck Terms and Conditions for Training Providers.

Termination shall not affect our or your accrued rights under these Terms & Conditions and the provisions of Clauses 2,3,5,6,7 and 8 shall survive the Trial End Date.

8. General

Not withstanding the terms of clause 7, neither party shall be liable for any loss of profits, revenues, business opportunity, goodwill, reputation, data or any indirect, consequential or special Loss whatsoever.

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Coursecheck Website is always available but as with any internet-based service, we cannot guarantee availability of the service.

The formation, existence, construction, performance, validity and all aspects of these Terms & Conditions is governed by English law and in the event of a dispute you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

We reserve the right to vary these Terms & Conditions at any time but will always notify you if we do so.


Last updated: May 2018