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Lisa M, 07 Jul 2017


The tutor didn't meet the objectives - the course was very anecdotal from his perspective. There were a couple of candidates who's first language wasn't English - they struggled to follow the content in places. Too much focus on quoting section references from the guideline - it was all just words for the first 2 days. Too much time wasted on 2008 standard, everyone was new to the role and wanted 2015 guidance. Exercises were not relevant - we did ask how one was relevant, we were told he'd explain later. The purpose of the test should have been explained first, so it had more meaning. Handouts were given after discussion - notes couldn't be added to relevant sheets, even though we continually requested them up front. He continually picked up one girl for taking notes, saying - I have a handout for this. He should have given it out first. I feel the course tutors should be assessed, not everyone has the same learning styles. I felt lost for the first 2 days, day 2 was all sat down in a room listening - very little focus on engaging the group. The tutor is obviously very knowledgeable on the material - but struggles making it relevant.

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