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Certificate in Professional Coaching (Virtual) Reviews

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Jolene J, 25 Apr 2020

I really appreciated the two days of training. A little more time for practice would be good. The feedback and help in the breakout rooms were much appreciated and really valued. I know it took more time, in the beginning, to get familiar with one another - and I feel it was needed to establish that. If it is ok to give more feedback, I would like to go back to the APPROACH weekend's training. I know that you are thinking of doing it virtually. Reflecting on the approach weekend, I feel that Worldview and What Coaching Is, are both subjects we could have studied at home in order to get faster and more practise with the Meta-Model etc. We also run out of time for practise sessions there. Coming from a zero coaching skills background, I felt quite overwhelmed with the amount of content "dump"at the Approach weekend. In retrospect, I could have done more self-study, but even some guidance in that might have been useful as there are so many different methods out there. The format of reading through values, seeing it demonstrated and practicing it, was really good.
Response : Thank you so much for your comments. A lot of feedback there :). I am pleased that the two days were impactful and we will discuss how we can incorporate more time for further skills practice. I am really thankful about your comments also relating to your previous Approach module - I suspect the virtual version would see changes in format that might have suited better. Good to consider how we can also bring that into the face-to-face version when we next get to deliver it again. Thanks Jolene!

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