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Microsoft Excel - Intermediate Reviews

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Stacey B, 30 Apr 2018

The course was good. However i would class the course we did as more intermediate with the later part being advanced. The trainer was brilliant he was showing us short cuts we didnt know existed and that should be taught on the beginner course but it was not (that was with a different trainer a few years ago). Definatley learnt new things i think there should be a test at the end with everything that was covered to see what you can and cant do. There are things i learnt which i will not use as often so will maybe forget but i do have ntoes and there were training notes given at the end of the session I would have preferred to have these at the begining so we could use them as reference for activities completed on the course as a helping hand to complete the tasks i did not know how to do.
Response : Hi Stacey thanks so much for the feedback it is appreciated and we will definitely consider some of the suggestions made. This was an intermediate course so any issues do let us know always happy to assist.

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