North Point Academy

Building transformational communities of people living from the "inside-out".

At North Point Coaching Academy (NPCA) you'll gain insight, understanding and tools to effectively coach people towards a positive change in a culturally relevant way. NPCA is grounded in the understanding that our actions have tangible impacts, and that our thoughts and emotions are real.

Why use North Point Academy?

  • We exist to guide people to real personal freedom and responsibility.

  • We do this through sharing transformational tools and building intentional communities of purpose.

  • We train people how to build authentic coaching relationships for transformation; beyond just skills.

  • Our tools and models help people to have productive and challenging coaching conversations respectfully.

  • Participants create a safe space that allows others to begin their own journey of transformation.

Available courses

Introduction to Coaching

4.8 (6 reviews)

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: -

Course type: Classroom

Certificate in Professional Coaching

4.9 (13 reviews)

Duration: 16 Weeks

Price: -

Course type: Blended

North Point Academy

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